Gavs Gourmet Jerky Company


About Us

A small family business making premium beef and kangaroo jerky. Our business is located in Pasadena, South Australia.

The Range:

Hoo Roo - a mild spicy jerky using native pepperberry. Paleo friendly

Bonza - a non-spicy jerky. Contains honey as a sweetner.

Beaut - a mild spicy jerky. Contains cayenne pepper for a little added spice. Paleo friendly.

Strewth - a mild spicy jerky. Contains tobasco sauce for a little zing in the marinade.

Ripper - a mild spicy jerky. Contains guarana for that extra pick me up in the marinade.

Crikey - an extra hot spicy jerky. Contains scorpion chilli paste.

Scorcher - an extra, extra hot spicy jerky. Contains heaps of scorpion chilli paste. Not for the faint-hearted.

Flatline - made with the world's hottest chilli paste, Carolina Reaper. Be careful, this jerky is hot


South Australia


Highway Hotel, Plympton Park


Keith Hotel 

Port Lincoln

Eyre Lounge

Grand Tasman Hotel 

Possum's Store


Sedan Hotel 

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